Father’s Pledge - Allies, Activists, Advocates

Article here. Excerpt:

'Father’s Day presents the opportunity for reflection, gratitude, or even a reset if necessary. While commerce collects major consumer dollars, culturally, it is also utilized by some to shine a spotlight on issues in the community.

Calling all fathers and father figures, for 15 years, Quentin Walcott, executive director and co-founder of the anti-violence organization Connect NYC, has had hundreds of men recite The Fathers Pledge Against Violence on the steps of Brooklyn’s Jay Street Borough Hall or Manhattan’s City Hall. Today, Thursday, 13th June, the Pledge was recited on the steps of City Hall in Manhattan.

The first of the 11 points is, “Never commit, condone, or remain silent about domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and violence in our homes and communities.”

“This year’s theme is about men’s mental wellness because we believe that healthy men equals healthy relationships and healthy communities,” Walcott told Our Time Press. “This is about women and children, and standing as allies and activists, doing the work daily.”'

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Notice how feminists and others want to take a day that's supposed to *honor* fathers and turn it into a shaming/criticising/belittling event? I have. Remember Michelle Obama a few years ago? She said yes, she had some words for fathers in America on Fathers' Day: they were "Do better." Then the audience clapped.

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