Australia's media industry is no meritocracy. Instead, the shamelessness of mediocre men is rewarded with untold power

Article here. Excerpt:

'The horrible truth is that in the Australian legacy media landscape, there are too many stories of senior men who forgive themselves their own lapses of judgement, or forgive each other's because they're "good blokes", or — in the worst cases — go easy on each other because they fear a nuclear escalation.

Across this industry, there are precious few female editors, chief executives, news directors, and executive producers at the biggest commercial companies. But those who do hold those jobs know instinctively that they need to keep their noses rigorously clean. Because members of the boys club will rarely extend to them the benefit of the doubt they will so readily, sometimes unthinkingly, give each other.

What female news director, one wonders, would be welcome back at her job after a significant and eye-catching DUI conviction like Darren Wick was at Nine? We are all humans, and humans make mistakes, and hope to be forgiven for them. But a workplace manager whose problem with alcohol spills over into mistreatment of staff?'

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