NYC teacher fired after texting student 28K times, sex allegations, is now teaching at different school: ‘Can’t f–king touch me’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A defiant French teacher is still in the classroom after being fired by the Department of Education — crowing that the city “can’t touch me” despite the sexually-charged accusations that got her sacked, including making nearly 30,000 late-night texts to a schoolgirl.

Dulaina Almonte, 33, lost her job at Harry S. Truman High School in The Bronx in 2020 after the Special Commissioner of Investigation substantiated claims of her creepy behavior with teens.

“I can’t be guilty if I’m still a teacher,” Almonte — who now teaches at a Bronx charter school — boasted to The Post this week.

“It’s not a crime, but still got fired, which is honestly why the DOE can suck a big pr–k,” she continued.

“Still a teacher! Can’t touch me!” she bragged.

“Still a teacher working elsewhere. Like, you really can’t f–king touch me.”

Her audacity comes despite a damning 2022 SCI report which found her “excessive contact and behavior with the students demonstrates that she has no place in the New York City Schools.”

Phone records showed Almonte sent a 17-year-old female student a staggering 28,075 late-night texts over 14 months — 66 messages a day — and traded nearly 1,900 texts with a male 12th-grader.

The NYPD also investigated a Truman HS student’s claim that she and a former pupil were “involved in a sex act” in a classroom, according to a police report.'

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