"Sorry straight white men, Doctor Who was never made for you"

Article here. What makes this article so objectionable is not the point it makes; the point it makes is accurate. DW was made for kids, in fact, but its target audience has evolved significantly since its inception. The problem is that it picks particular people to name and exclude based on, you guessed it, sex, race, and sexual orientation. Those people just happen to be men -- and straight and white. Would the author have written the same kind of article only call out, say, Asian women instead? Excerpt:

'But the bigoted straight white men who have spiralled into a meltdown clearly haven’t been paying attention to the reboot’s rich and ever-evolving history of multiculturalism and LGBTQ+ inclusion.

When Queer As Folk creator, Russell T Davies, brought Doctor Who back in 2005 it was clear from the get-go that this is a show for all the outcasts in society.

Class commentary was placed front and centre through Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and her mum Jackie who lived on a London council estate. And left-wing sentiment has been a common thread throughout the series.'

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The point is that DW is meant for everyone. The premise and trajectory is truly timeless and quite independent of social or other relative contexts, the police call box shape for the TARDIS aside. This article's author could have avoided dissing a hefty number of fans though by simply stating that the show is meant to target today's wider audience and appeal less to the 6-14 YO original demographic, and a fair number of changes to plot lines and characters are to be expected. Further, these changes have already been made in past runs of the show; including openly LGBTQ+ characters has already been done and will comtinue to be done, as the show seeks to appeal to a broader audience. Etc. Etc.

Instead, the author felt the need to specifically lambaste the only category of person the BBC still lets be lambasted: the straight white male. Anyone who doesn't think there's a double-standard at work isn't paying attention.

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"Sorry straight white men, Doctor Who was never made just for you"

Looks like the comments from readers had some effect. Still, the article casts str8 white men as anti-woke DW bigots, a generalization which for any other class of persons would be cause for cancellation.

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