Gender Gaps in Employment Come From Masculine Workplaces

Article here. Excerpt:

'Economists who make the claim that gender employment gaps are due to women’s free choices assume that workplace environments are equally appealing to men and women. But this assumption neglects the concept of masculine defaults, to me, one of the most useful ideas in the recent literature on the psychology of gender. Masculine defaults in the workplace are systems, policies, and approaches to work that are based on traditional masculine norms. In such contexts, masculine qualities such as competitiveness, independence, assertiveness, and risk-taking are rewarded more than feminine qualities such as cooperation, teamwork, modesty, and patience. For example, employees who self-promote and negotiate for raises or positions are more likely to advance and achieve better outcomes in the workplace. Such masculine defaults characterize workplaces everywhere.'

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It's gotten ridiculous. Pointing this out though strikes me as being unnecessary; did Amazon get successful by cooperating with, say, Walmart, or by competing with them?

I almost feel like I'm just pointing out that 2 + 2 = 4.

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Did they ever stop and think for a moment that the reason why these masculine tendencies are the default has to do with the fact that they tend to lead to better results? Another example is impatience. While often stigmatized, impatience leads to finding more efficient ways to do things, solving problems in a more timely fashion, and avoiding being taken advantage of. In the world of business, results stem from swift and precise actions--which men tend to excel at.

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