Married teacher, 32, is accused of raping boy, 11, on her bed after sending him nude photos and $700

Article here. Excerpt:

'A married schoolteacher is accused of grooming an 11-year-old boy with nude photos and $700 until they had sex on her bed.

Ashley Elizabeth Bardfield, 32, was arrested on Wednesday night in Mt Zion, Illinois, after the boy helped police with a sting operation.

The sixth-grade substitute teacher at Decatur Public Schools District was recorded telling the boy they could 'do it again' and she couldn't get pregnant.

Bardfield was reported to police after the boy's mother noticed him 'acting differently' after spending the night at the teacher's home on March 29-30.

She went through his phone and allegedly found texts between him and Bardfield and photos of them, including one of them 'flipping off the camera'.'

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