UK: James May claims older, white men are ‘written off as unworthy’ during toxic masculinity debate

Article here. Excerpt:

'James May has weighed in on the state of the modern man, claiming men are in danger of being “written off”.

The 61-year-old star made the comments on Monday (25 March) on the Who We Are Now podcast, which is hosted by his co-star on The Grand Tour, Richard Hammond, and Hammond’s daughter Izzy.

When asked if the “modern man is in trouble”, May said: “Well probably not, because the world rarely does go to the dogs.

“But I do think men are getting a bit of a bad rap recently, because there is a lot of talk about toxic masculinity.”

He continued: “I know there is a lot of it around, and it’s right that we confront it and address it. But it’s not all of us.

“We seem to be staying close to a point where simply being a bloke, especially if you’re a slightly older, lower middle class, white bloke to be honest, you’re almost immediately written off as being unworthy.”'

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