‘Motherhood is a trap. Marriage is a bad deal’: Feminist Corinne Maier on learning to be selfish

Article here. Yep, selfishness makes the world better for everyone! Ugh. Excerpt:

'“It’s never too late to learn how to be selfish,” says Corinne Maier, grave-faced behind her heavy-rimmed spectacles.

“Sadly, women aren’t born that way, so it does have to be learnt. But if we can forget about the ‘superwoman’ we’ve been bullied into thinking we have to be – at home, with the husband, the kids – and release our inner ‘slackerwoman’…”

We would be happier? “Exactly. Happiness cannot be achieved without selfishness. But that is achievable for every woman. You too can be selfish,” says Maier.'

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