UK: Complaint lodged after ITV editor sparks fury for saying ‘we don’t want white men’

Article here. Excerpt:

'ITV has come under fire after a commissioner allegedly told industry execs that the broadcaster does not want “white men” as talent.

A complaint has been lodged by a producer who attended the telly gathering where ITV commissioner Nicola Lloyd reportedly made the outburst.

When discussing hosts for new shows, Lloyd allegedly said: “We really don’t want any more white men” as talent.

Lloyd made the reported comment on a panel to a packed room at the Broadcast Indie Summit.

ITV said in a statement that the panel discussion included ways to pitch new ideas and ways to further diversify content and talent offerings.

The complaint, written by a television producer in the audience, said that Lloyd was discussing ITV’s “important ‘9pm’ broadcast slot”.

“On numerous occasions when attending meetings with British television executives and an ITV owned production company based at White City, I have heard informally that they do not want more ‘white males’ as talent.'

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Google her name and you get stuff like this.

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