Comedian Greg Gutfeld Urges Liberals to Rethink Their Approach to Men, or Face ‘Terrifying’ Election Results

Article here. Excerpt:

'Across the globe, young men are fleeing liberalism. Public opinion polls reveal that millions of men under 30 years of age are becoming more conservative than their female counterparts, by remarkable margins of 25 to 35 percentage points. In country after country, a historic political realignment is now taking place: China, Germany, Poland, South Korea, Tunisia, United Kingdom, and the United States (1), as well as Argentina (2) and Canada (3).

In his March 13 monologue, American comedian Greg Gutfeld brought this trend to the attention of his TV audience, offering a scathing assessment of the reasons behind the decline of male support for liberalism (4):

“Men are fleeing the Democratic Party like the showing of Barbie….they’re becoming the party of AWFLs: affluent white female liberals… And men are like, ‘Hey, we know when we’re not wanted. We’ll see ourselves out,’” he revealed.

Gutfeld continued, men “know the Democratic Party has become a gender-specific party….They’ve alienated men in favor of tormented activists…It’s a party that’s inhospitable to the Y chromosome. If you’re a man, why stick around?”

The reason for this historic change is the growing feminization of liberal political parties around the world.'

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