UK: Documentary reveals abuse of husband by wife

Article here. Excerpt:

'But behind closed doors, Richard, 47, had been secretly suffering from what a judge would later describe as “the worst case of controlling and coercive behaviour” she had ever seen.

During her 20-year reign of terror, sadistic Sheree, 46, repeatedly threatened to go to police claiming her helpless husband was abusing her — and would even scream for help to trick neighbours into believing that was the case.

She was only jailed after a shocked friend of Richard’s saw some nanny cam footage and sent it to the police.
One of Sheree’s ways of exerting control was to threaten to go to the police and accuse Richard of abuse.

He says she would also threaten to smash her face into the bathroom mirror and send pictures to a friend.

Richard recalls: “She’d often open the window, lean out and shout, ‘No Richard, stop, you’re hurting me’, so the neighbours could hear.”
The documentary also features Sheree being interviewed by police as she calmly and convincingly claims to officers that Richard has been abusive to her.

She continues to twist the truth when they show her a recording of her holding a knife.'

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