Gen Z men go traditional, cover women’s costs on date night: ‘Equality didn’t mean we should pay the same’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Tradition is on the menu during Gen Z date night.

Despite being seen as politically progressive when it comes to gender equality, young American men are still expected to pick up the tab for the women they’re wooing — and they’re more than happy to do so.

A survey of 552 heterosexual college students cited in a new report by The New York Times found that Zoomer men paid for dates 90% of the time.

Gen Z women, on the other hand, paid in full for just 2% of the dates they went on, while 8% of dates were split evenly between the sexes.

“The traditional pattern is still there,” professor Shanhong Luo, who conducted the research, told the publication.

The Times cited one 27-year-old woman who claimed that gender equality wasn’t a reason to expect the fairer sex to split the bill.

“Gender equality didn’t mean men and women should pay the same when they went out,” the unidentified woman purportedly said, saying that females “earn less than men in the workplace, spend more time getting ready for outings, and pay more for reproductive care.”'

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I call utter BS on the entire article.

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