Over $25K raised for anti-Israel professor who pulled machete on Post reporter

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s a reward for bad behavior.

A fundraiser has collected over $25,000 for disgraced NYC art professor Shellyne Rodriguez, who was recently axed from her third teaching gig in less than a year.

The GoFundMe — whose goal is $30,000 — was launched last May after Rodriguez, 47, was fired from Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts for pulling a machete on Post reporter Reuven Fenton, who was inquiring about her viral freakout on a group of anti-abortion students.

Despite harassment, menacing, and weapons possession charges, she was hired at Cooper Union four months later.

But in January, The Post revealed last week, that Rodriguez was fired for anti-Israel statements.

Since then, donations to her have started trickling in again.

The page had pulled in $25,589 as of Friday.

“This fund is organized by a committee of fellow educators, artists and community organizers who seek to provide material support to help Shellyne recover from the impact of this persecution,” the organizers, “SR Solidarity Committee,” wrote on the site.'

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