UK: Urgent action required to tackle ‘endemic’ misogyny faced by women in the music industry, WEC warns

Article here. Excerpt:

'WEC’s ‘Misogyny in Music’ report laid bare a “boys’ club” where sexual harassment and abuse is common, and the non-reporting of such incidents is high. Victims who do speak out struggle to be believed or may find their career ends as a consequence.

Despite increases in representation, women encounter limitations in opportunity, a lack of support and persistent unequal pay; these issues are intensified for women facing intersectional barriers, particularly racial discrimination, the report found.

Female artists are routinely undervalued and undermined, endure a focus on their physical appearance in a way that men are not subjected to, and have to work far harder to get the recognition their ability merits.

Making a series of strong and wide-ranging recommendations, the cross-party committee of MPs called on ministers to take legislative steps to amend the Equality Act to ensure freelance workers have the same protections from discrimination as employees and bring into force section 14 to improve protections for people facing intersectional inequality.'

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Of all industries that are ridden with misogyny (and according to feminists, this'd be all of them), it's the MUSIC industry that's most in need of gov't intervention? What, just b/c most guys'd rather lose a nut than suffer through a girl-pop band performance, there's ENDEMIC MISOGYNY all throughout the music industry??

Barf. Just... barf.

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