The fraud and death of feminism will be complete in 2024

Article here. Excerpt:

'Seeing this grotesque blight on humanity return less than 80 years since the exposure of the Holocaust, can be overwhelming enough. But in addition to such inhumanity parading itself on campuses like Harvard, Columbia, NYU, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania, another significant event in American social and political history took place in front of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce — the fraud and death of feminism and the indictment of its foundational ideology – Identity Politics.
What played out in front of the nation was the reality that the feminist argument that women would be better at everything simply because of their sex and life experience, was a fraud. Women, due to experiencing bias and discrimination, had a natural compassion and commitment to "making things better," we were told by our mentors. We, as women, would naturally be better leaders, better managers, better organizers, and reverse the damage men had done in every institution.

Life experience does matter, and women’s experience and style is an imperative in all human endeavors, but what was left out of the argument I was plied with was how character matters. It is a trait that highlights the individual’s importance. The morality and values that animate our lives and choices as Americans is the existential threat to the left’s nihilistic worldview, and they know it.'

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