Young men are accomplishing less than ever before. Experts point to 'male malaise.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'From work to education to relationships, young males across the U.S. are growing increasingly disconnected from society, leading some experts to express concern for the state of American manhood.

Fewer men under 21 were meeting five key achievement milestones in 2021 than they were in 1980, according to data from Pew Research. These include being employed full-time, being financially independent, living on their own, getting married and having a child.

Only 39% of 21-year-old men were working full-time in 2021 compared to 64% in 1980. Only 25% were financially independent from their parents compared to the earlier 42%.

The gap narrows by age 25, but is still “statistically significant,” Pew writes. By 25, 66% found full-time employment compared to 73% in 1980. Those who were financially independent at 25 made up 60% of the group, compared to 63% in the past.

Young males still trailed their predecessors in areas like living away from their parents’ homes, getting married and having a child.'

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