CBS’s O’Donnell Praises St. Paul, MN’s All-Female City Council

Article here. Excerpt:

'NORAH O’DONNELL: Finally, tonight, I think you'll like this story. History was made in Minnesota's capital city of St. Paul today. Or should we say, HER-story was made. St. Paul’s new city council was sworn in this afternoon, made up entirely of women. And get this: six of the seven council members are women of color, and they are all under the age of 40. Four of them are new members, and say that affordable housing and access to child care are some of their top priorities. Congratulations to them and the people of St. Paul. I am bettin’ that they get some stuff done.'

The problem with this report, obviously, is that it reduces these elected officials to skin color and genitalia (unless O’Donnell’s trying to slip a “trans woman” by us, which would be a whole other story). O’Donnell doesn’t get into the substance of these women beyond their aforementioned immutability.

And when you look past identity and go to substance, OF COURSE this is a far-left city council. A quick review of each of the candidates’ campaign websites reveals their leftist inclinations and intentions upon taking office.'

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