56 French Stars Denounce Gerard Depardieu Rape Allegations as ‘Lynching’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The open letter published in Le Figaro, a conservative-leaning daily French newspaper, includes signatures from French figures like Carl Bruni, Charlotte Rampling, and Carole Bousquet – Depardieu’s former romantic partner. As many as two dozen women signed the letter, most of whom were of the actor’s generation.

“Gérard Depardieu is probably the greatest actor,” the letter stated. “We can no longer remain silent in the face of the lynching that fell upon him, in the face of the torrent of hatred that pours down on his person, without nuance, in the most complete amalgamation and in defiance of a presumption of innocence of which he would have benefited, like everyone else, if he were not the giant of cinema that he is.”

Last week, none other than French President Emmanuel Macron came to Depardieu’s aid, referring to the allegations as a “witch hunt.” He also rejected calls to strip the actor of his Legion of Honour medal.

“I am a great admirer of Gérard Depardieu,” Macron said on the French talk show C à Vous. “As president of the republic and as a citizen, I say he makes France proud.”

As noted by TheWrap, the acclaimed actor has been facing “several accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior.”'

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... he has the right to be presumed innocent until or unless he's found guilty of a crime in court. THAT is the point. He shouldn't get "cancelled" due to accusations alone.

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