Why So Many Young Men Are Abandoning College Degrees

Article here. No mention of the anti-male hostility on college campuses. Excerpt:

'A large number of men are forgoing college, leading to an alarming gap between university-educated men and women, a new study found.

The Pew Research Center discovered a large drop in male Hispanic high school graduates turning away from four-year colleges. While 42 percent were in attendance in 2011, the number fell to 33 percent in 2022.

White males had a substantial drop, as well. While 49 percent attended college in 2011, the number moved to 40 percent in 2022. The gap was significant for white high school graduates, as female white graduates were the most likely to enroll in college, at 50 percent.
In part, the migration of young men away from college can be explained by a growing and widespread skepticism over higher education and the high student debt it often leads to, experts said.'

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