Florida woman who raped her autistic brother-in-law and had his baby claimed she was the victim: sheriff

Article here. Excerpt:

'A deranged Florida woman has been charged with allegedly raping her autistic brother-in-law over the course of a decade — and giving birth to his child, according to authorities.

Amanda Rose Brooks was arrested on Dec. 7 by US Marshals in Orlando and charged with sexual battery and lying to authorities that she had been the victim of sexual assault in the Lower Keys, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and arrest records.

In June 2022, Brooks, 36, reached out to the Sheriff’s Office, claiming she had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by her husband and his brother, The Keys Citizen reported, citing an arrest warrant.

In addition to sharing a list of times and dates detailing assaults, Brooks gave investigators screenshots of messages with friends depicting her as the victim of abuse and claiming that she had been harassed by her husband’s family for having left with her children.'

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