NYT Critic Takes Aim at Kids’ Shows ‘Bluey’ and ‘Chip Chilla’ for Having ‘Weirdly Present’ Fathers

Article here. Excerpt:

'Popular kids cartoon Bluey and the Daily Wire’s Chip Chilla are in the crosshairs of a New York Times writer for apparently having ‘weirdly present’ fathers.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Critic Amanda Hess wrote a piece for the outlet headlined, "The Fantasy of the Fun TV Dad."

She pondered how Bandit, the ‘exceptional’ father in Bluey, has time to be a fun dad while holding a job and still having time to cheerfully do house chores, including laundry. LOL:

I don’t know how he keeps house, works as an archaeologist and serves as a full-time prop artist to his daughters, but he does it all while only feigning complaint. He is not only a good father — he is a fantasy, one crafted to appeal to adults as much as to children.'

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