Using Sexism & Racism to ‘Improve Diversity’

Article here. Excerpt:

'While it may once have been scandalous for employers to exclude white men from their recruitment process, fast forward to 2023 and most hiring panels appear to have decided it’s riskier to include them. Infuriated by the failure of equality to produce equal outcomes, our liberal culture demands a bogeyman, and in the straight, white male, it found the pantomime villain of its dreams. Whatever your grievance, the patriarchy will shoulder the blame because any alternative culprit is simply too ‘offensive’ to countenance—no matter how well the facts support their claim.

The premise used to inculcate and justify the war on white men is the lie of white privilege, currently being pushed in schools under the umbrella of Critical Race Theory (CRT). This lie asserts that white men are both uniquely privileged, and uniquely evil. Neither, of course, are true. In terms of privilege, Chinese and Indian workers out-earn their white British counterparts by almost £10,000 a year, while in terms of academic performance, working-class white males are the poorest performing demographic (it must be all that misogyny slowing them down). Meanwhile, even the most cursory analysis of crime in Britain demonstrates that, if anything, white men are underrepresented in criminal activity, unless one insists on pretending not to understand ‘per capita.’

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