Narcissists may engage in feminist activism to satisfy their grandiose tendencies, study suggests

Article here. To be fair, this may be applicable to a lot or even all cause-related movements in general. I've noticed in such groups there are those there for the gospel, then there's those there for themselves. Excerpt:

'A recent study has found that individuals with higher levels of narcissistic traits are more likely to be involved in feminist activism. This research suggests that for some, activism may serve not just as a platform for societal change, but also as a means to fulfill personal, egocentric needs. The findings have been published in Current Psychology.

The study was inspired by the idea that while many engage in activism for altruistic reasons or due to direct personal impact by the issues at hand, others might be motivated by less noble desires, such as the fulfillment of narcissistic needs. This notion aligns with the concept that activism can be used as a vehicle for individuals to achieve personal gains, such as attention, status, or fame.'

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... everyone naturally has narcissisistic inclinations. Arguably they are required for survival! But they become an issue when they utterly dominate a person's character.

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