UK: ‘Non-diverse’ candidates are not hired without my sign off, says Aviva boss Amanda Blanc

Article here. Excerpt:

'Amanda Blanc, the chief executive of Aviva, has said all senior white male recruits must get final sign-off from her as part of a diversity drive to stamp out sexism in the financial services industry.

Ms Blanc, who became Aviva’s first female chief executive in 2020, told a parliamentary committee that there was “no non-diverse hire at Aviva without it being signed off by me and the chief people officer”.

She said: “Not because I don’t trust my team but [because] I want to make sure that the process followed for that recruitment has been diverse, has been properly done and is not just a phone call to a mate saying, ‘would you like a job, pop up and we’ll fix it up for you’.”'

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