Men now face more hiring discrimination than women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Variations of the familiar quip, “Women have to be twice as good to go half as far,” date back to the early 20th century. This sentiment was true enough in its day, but a lot has changed in the generations since. While women have not reached parity with men in all ways, men have fallen behind women — in some cases far behind — in many domains, including in grade school, all levels of higher education and academia, and “adulting” (e.g., living with parents). As college degrees translate into higher-paying jobs, women now outearn men in several US cities — a trend that will likely continue as the credential gap widens.

Meanwhile, evidence of anti-male discrimination is accumulating. Research shows that people prefer scientific findings that portray females in a positive light over science that portrays men in a positive light. People also have more sympathy for females than males, punish men more severely than women for the same infractions, and evaluate women more favorably than they do men. And when it comes to the widely feared and supposedly pernicious “implicit bias”, that too favors women.'

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