When inequality is fatal for men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Whether ironically or cynically, progressives can be conservative and hidebound in their assumptions about inequality: They presume that whoever was more-than-equal in the past must still be privileged today, and so the one kind of inequality that doesn’t prick the progressive conscience is whatever harms groups that were formerly better off.
Then again, the last thing men need is to be designated as another victim group.

Right now, the very concept of manhood is under attack from two directions: from those on the left who see masculinity as inherently “toxic” and those on the right who idolize the likes of Andrew Tate—overgrown adolescent hedonists without an ounce of self-control, let alone any traditionally manly moral responsibilities for family or others.

If life is unfair to men, the masculine remedy is not to complain about unfairness but to be tough enough, and mature enough, to endure and prosper despite inequality.'

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