Woman who stabbed boyfriend 108 times is a 'do-gooding, mentally well' girl ... according to psychiatrist testimony

Article here. Excerpt:

'It is an unimaginably gruesome crime: an example of human violence at its most extreme.

In May 2018, Bryn Spejcher of Thousand Oaks, California, picked up a bread knife and stabbed her new boyfriend 108 times — killing him — before turning the blade on her dog.

The 32-year-old, who worked as an audiologist, then proceeded to stab herself — only stopping when police hit her nine times with a baton.

On Friday, Spejcher was convicted of killing her boyfriend — Chad O'Melia, then 26 — and awaits sentencing.

However, testimony from an expert witness called by the prosecution, seen exclusively by DailyMail.com, paints a vastly different picture of the perpetrator than the story would initially suggest.

Forensic psychiatrist and expert witness Dr Kris Mohandie told the jury last month that Spejcher was a 'normal' girl with 'no history of mental illness or violence' who was committed to 'doing good' in the world.
Spejcher was convicted of manslaughter on Friday over the death of Chad O'Melia — a sentence which carries up to four years in prison. Spejcher sobbed quietly as the jury read out its verdict in court.'

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