Society's war on men

Article here. Excerpt:

'We must begin to grapple with the uncomfortable fact that in today’s world, simply “[b]eing male is the biggest risk factor for suicide.” Many have argued that if men would be more open about their feelings the problem might be mitigated. Perhaps. But if men are biologically disinclined to talk about their feelings, then that cannot be the sole solution. If the so-called “social construct” of masculinity is actually derived from men’s biology or the sex differences in cerebral anatomy, as psychologist John Barry has argued, then urging them to go against it might prove to be counterproductive.

Far too often, John Mac Ghlionn argues, we are using “a female model to treat men’s mental health.”

“There was a time when the American Psychological Association (APA), the organization responsible for accrediting psychologists in the U.S., appeared open to the idea of ‘male-based depression,'” he noted. “Unfortunately, not long after, the ‘sex is a construct’ narrative started gaining traction, and the APA began denying that differences between the sexes actually exist.”'

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