Feminist icon Gloria Steinem on 'lethal' desire to control wombs

Article here. Ah, ol' Gloria. Still managing to ignore men's real concerns too even at 89. Never worried a day about being drafted and sent to die for political purposes, among other things. Excerpt:

'During the 1970s, Gloria Steinem was one of the main voices campaigning for women's reproductive rights.

She celebrated the US Supreme Court's 1973 ruling in the case of Roe v Wade, which granted women the constitutional right to abortion.

Nearly half a century later she witnessed the reversal of this decision - the Supreme Court's historic ruling in June last year that ended the nationwide right to abortion.
For Steinem and other pro-choice activists it was a stark reminder of the need to keep campaigning, to achieve changes she says she hopes to see in her lifetime.

"The most obvious and simplest [change] is that we can determine the fate of our own physical selves, so we can decide whether and when to have children, not to have children… whatever it is about our physical selves.

"That's where our difficulty begins, because we happen to have wombs and there is a desire to control wombs that is very central to authoritarian systems. Clearly, because we have a womb and men don't, the desire to control the womb is often the most lethal kind of effort."'

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