The challenges for men in mental health and why masculinity isn't the issue

Article here. Excerpt:

'Speaking with Rob Whitley, PhD, who’s an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University, it’s clear why some men find it hard to take care of their mental health and get help.

The roadblocks are often due to outside factors, and the stigma around the topic is still prevalent in society.
The word “masculinity” can evoke negative connotations, perhaps due to its associations with the idea of toxic masculinity.

Masculinity, at its core, is a good thing, according to Whitley.

Whitley says that one of the ideas put out by the academy, not by psychiatric experts, is that one of the reasons for men’s mental health issues is that some men adhere to traditional masculinity norms, and that is bad for their health.

The research shows that isn’t true, according to Whitley.

“Research shows that traditional masculinity is actually good for your mental health.”
Another problem Whitley has been engaged with is how the media interfaces with mental health, particularly the way it presents men’s mental health.

Whitley says that one study he was involved in looked at mainstream media articles related to mental illness, and they found an interesting gender difference.

When looking at stories about women and mental illness, there were more “scenes of compassion and understanding and a need for more services and support.”

On the other hand, when looking at stories about mental illness related to men, there were more themes of crime and violence.

“This actually matches a well-known phenomenon called the gender empathy gap.”'

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