One of Central Virginia's most arrested women back in court

Article here. Excerpt:

'The frequently arrested woman whose false rape allegations about a local grocery store manager cost him more than two years behind bars has been arrested again.
With 63 arrests, according to a state database, Steiniger is one of the most often arrested people in Central Virginia. One of her recent convictions involved the theft of a nurse’s scooter from University of Virginia Medical Center. In February, Charlottesville General District Court Judge Andrew Sneathern accepted her guilty plea to that caught-on-video crime, but he assigned no active jail time and gave her a year to pay restitution to the nurse.

The most extensive criminal case involving Steiniger positioned her as the supposed victim. That was her 2012 claim that she was abducted by a local man who gave her a ride in his car. Mark Lawrence Weiner served more than two years in jail before winning release in 2015 after sworn defense evidence portrayed Steiniger as a fabulist who concocted a tale of rape inside an abandoned house to anger a boyfriend.

Five years ago, federal Judge Norman K. Moon branded Steiniger’s testimony “false,” but she has never been prosecuted for any crime pertaining to her allegations. Moon dismissed Weiner’s wrongful prosecution suit on the basis that government employees cannot be sued.'

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