Ohio AG’s 'don’t buy sex' statement after arrest of sex worker charged with 4 deaths outrages victim’s family

Article here. Excerpt:

'When Ohio’s top prosecutor announced the arrest of a sex worker accused of drugging and killing four customers, he failed to consider the victims and instead shamed them, the family of one victim said.

"Don’t buy sex in Ohio — it ruins lives and could cost you yours,” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said last month in a news release detailing the indictment of serial killing suspect Rebecca Auborn, who was also charged with trying to kill a fifth customer.

Christyn Crockett, 41, a church administrator in the Columbus area and daughter of victim Wayne Akin, called Yost’s comments “devastating.”

"He’s not wrong,” Crockett said in her first interview about her father, a former postal worker who struggled with drug addiction yet provided a “powerful foundation” for his family. “But for the victims’ sake, it’s just so insensitive.”

Crockett’s husband, Ittai Crockett, said that Auborn’s alleged victims may have been breaking the law but that they were still people who “have family, that have grandkids; they have people that care about them.”

"It was just, like, victim-shaming,” he said.

In an interview, Yost said that Akin’s family and the other families are survivors of crime and that he recognized their trauma.'

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