UK: Pupils at single-sex schools encouraged to mix more after sexual abuse campaign

Article here. Excerpt:

'Single-sex schools have introduced more opportunities for boys to mix with girls in academic settings following calls to tackle misogyny and sexual harassment.

A number of girls’ schools have increased their collaboration with local boys’ schools to ensure their pupils are not solely coming together at discos.

It comes after the Everyone’s Invited movement – a campaign on sexual harassment and abuse launched in 2021 – saw some pupils accuse their schools of not tackling a “rape culture”.

Earlier this year, teachers raised concerns that misogynistic views are spreading into schools as a result of social media influencers like Andrew Tate.

At the Girls’ Schools Association annual conference near Cirencester in the Cotswolds this week, school leaders discussed misogyny and the influence of the “incel” culture and the “manosphere” community where they communicate.

Carl Howarth, principal of Jersey College for Girls, a private girls’ school on the island, told the conference he was concerned about the “deeply sinister spread” of the “manosphere” in society.'

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Makes little sense even from the feminist pov. I mean, if ur so afraid of sexual assault by males on females, why would you want them mixing MORE?

Another bizarre product of the Feminist Hooey Machine.

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