Australia: Two women sentenced to probation after filming man being tortured in hotel room before he fell to his death

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two women who filmed and posted online the “callous” torture of a man who later fell to his death from a fourth floor holiday unit on the Gold Coast of Australia had “complete disregard” for their involvement, a court has heard.

A 19-year-old woman and a 20-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were sentenced in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday to one count each of torture and two counts of armed robbery in company.

The two women, who were both 16 years old at the time of the offending, had filmed about five minutes worth of a 27 minute episode where Cian John English and his friend were tortured in a View Pacific Hotel room in Surfers Paradise in the early hours of May 23, 2020.

The court heard that the now 19-year-old woman could be heard saying “this is why you don’t steal from the boys” in one of her videos.

Another video shot by the now 20-year-old showed her ordering English to clean up his own blood from the floor after he’d been assaulted.

The 20-year-old woman’s defence barrister, Angus Edwards, said his client had had a difficult childhood which led to her drug use.

“She was trying to numb the pain, particularly with Xanax which she was heavily using,” Edwards said.

The court heard the 19-year-old woman had been overheard bragging about the night English died to friends in the weeks following his death.

In his sentencing remarks, Justice Peter Applegarth said he had taken into account the two women were not charged over English’s death or had been responsible for assaulting him or his friend.

Justice Applegarth sentenced both women each to two years probation and did not record a conviction.

“As horrible your behaviour on there was and how despicable you acted after the events….. I am conscious of your remorse.”

Upon hearing their sentence, the two women were hugged by the supporters who embraced them in the courtroom.'

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