The "Man-Hating Feminist" Is A Misleading Myth, New Study Shows

Article here. Excerpt:

'The idea that feminists are man-haters has a long and sticky history, but is it true? Well, not according to a massive new study conducted by an international team of researchers.

According to the study, which involved nearly 10,000 participants from various Western and non-Western cultures, feminists tend to hold positive attitudes towards men in ways that are comparable to non-feminists. This finding challenges long-held stereotypes that portray and dismiss feminists as simply anti-male.

Feminism has achieved many laudable advances for women and girls, as well as men and boys, since it became a formal political and social movement in the mid-19th century. But even in their earliest days, feminists were condemned as anti-male (misandry) advocates. This trope continues to be used to delegitimize and discredit feminists and, in many ways, has deterred some from joining the movement. In more extreme cases, such a representation has even inspired men to engage in aggressive and violent opposition.'

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One published in 1933 saying the Jew-hating Nazi is a myth, too. Amazing how academic endeavors of all kinds are so easily perverted.

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