I use this hack to shame cheap men who want to split the bill — guys say it’s ‘manipulative’

Article here. Excerpt:

'This “100% genius” hack will get 50/50 cheapos in check.

Splitting the bill on a first date has become a topic of contention amongst singletons online with dissenting views on whether a guy should be solely responsible for picking up the tab during the inaugural outing.

But one shady dater has devised a deliciously devious trick that’s sure to leave tightfisted fellas with egg on their faces.

“When a man wants to go 50/50 with you on a date, do this,” began going-out guru Pearl Botts, an aspiring singer from Los Angeles, in a trending TikTok how-to, advising all the singles ladies on best practices for politely jabbing a prospective partner who expects them to pay.
“Wait, you wanted to just be friends?” she asked condescendingly. “I’m so confused. This entire time I thought this was a date. I’m so sorry, here’s my card.”

The brunette’s buzzy comeback — meant to neatly place penny-pinching lover boys in the friend zone — rendered rave reviews from women who’ve awkwardly found themselves on the receiving end of the first date foul play.'

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. . . is outing herself and many other women as being selfish, gold-digging and manipulative. How attractive! Lol. Enjoy your cats!

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