U.Va. needs more classes on healthy masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Spring enrollment is here — bringing with it the stress and excitement that is planning for the academics of the upcoming semester. While the University’s course offerings are near endless, there is a noticeable lack of classes focusing on healthy masculinity. There is only one class at the University covering the topic, called Men and Masculinities — the course is not even being offered next semester. While I have no doubt this class is helpful, much like how a single class on history would not be able to cover all history adequately, a single 2000-level class on the challenges men face is insufficient. The University should allocate funding to create an additional class on the most dire struggle men face — mental health.

We would not be the first to utilize education to address issues facing men. Stony Brook University began offering a master’s program in “masculinities studies” in 2017. The idea of a degree dedicated to men and masculinity may conjure up images of problematic men’s rights activists — but this could not be further from the truth. Much of the work done in these classes attempts to undo a lot of the harm caused by viewpoints that male misogynists commonly push. The program offers an entire course on toxic masculinity, an issue that affects everyone regardless of gender identity. While an entire program might not be feasible at the University, especially with the current lack of funding awarded to gender studies classes, offering a more diverse selection of classes on the subject of healthy masculinity is a great place to start.'

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