Constantly insulting boys does not serve the sexes

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s good to hear there are parents like Andrew Reiner who are pointing out that insulting boys constantly is not any way to bring equality (or good relations) to the sexes (“The trouble with boys isn’t boys,” Ideas, Oct. 22). The fact that feminists seldom condemn such behavior is one reason many young women don’t call themselves feminists.

Also, teachers, of all people, should be condemning the lazy use of clichés and negative political jargon and slang, such as “toxic masculinity,” as much as possible, never mind using it themselves. Defamation and scapegoating are not civilized. Nor do they promote intellectualism.

Last but not least, whether in school or in informal gatherings, it’s time to realize that “old-fashioned” manners and decorum are not obsolete, for boys or girls. This applies even when it comes to writing that is printed on clothing, regardless of the age of the wearer. This would help society tremendously.

As Judith Martin (a.k.a. Miss Manners) wrote: “Miss Manners is for freedom of speech for all people, but believes that it is time that clothes shut up.”'

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