Why boys underperform girls in school

Article here. Excerpt:

'Anyone who thinks this is a patriarchal society needs to look at high school graduation rates.

The Associated Press recently reported that boys have a lower graduation rate than girls nationwide. In 2018, one researcher estimated girl graduates outnumbered boy graduates by 45,000. You can see this disparity in the Clark County School District, too. For the 2021-22 school year, the female graduation rate was 84.3 percent. For males, it was just 78.5 percent.

Girls also earned 1,543 advanced diplomas, compared with 914 for boys.

One supposed expert consulted by the AP said the explanation was economic. Male dropouts, according to Beth Jarosz, a program director at research organization PRB, can earn as much as a woman with a year or two of college. Left unsaid was that the mythical gender pay gap all but disappears when adjusted for factors such as hours worked, profession and a job’s dangers. That’s what you would expect in a country where pay discrimination by sex has been illegal for decades.

But did you catch the implication? The cause of boys doing poorly in school is the patriarchy. Never mind that not having a high school diploma decreases average lifetime earnings and makes men more likely to wind up in jail. Seems like an odd strategy for maintaining male dominance over society.'

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