Complaints allege N.Y. college programs discriminate against men, white people

Article here. Excerpt:

'These changes are driven by an unprecedented wave of federal civil complaints filed by a small group of men against colleges and universities across the country alleging the programs or scholarships discriminate on the basis of sex or race. At least 42 colleges in New York have received such complaints, the Times Union found.

The complainants want to eliminate what they describe as anti-male, anti-white and anti-Asian bias infecting college campuses. But others argue these changes may eliminate or weaken programs that boosted historically marginalized groups and didn’t harm other people.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, in its determinations, has largely decided these programs and scholarships are in conflict with federal discrimination laws and pushed schools to change their practices. Some colleges and universities have altered their scholarships or programs after a complaint is filed in order to avoid an investigation by the department.'

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