Students demand reinstatement of lecturer who admitted keying a male professor's car and is accused of stalking him

Article here. Excerpt:

'Students at Berkeley University are campaigning for the reinstatement of a suspended professor who was forced to take leave after she was found guilty of stalking and harassing a professor at another University of California campus.

Professor Ivonne del Valle, a tenured associate professor of colonial studies in Berkeley's department of Spanish and Portuguese, accused Professor Joshua Clover of harassing her online.

She became convinced that Clover, an English and comparative literature teacher at UC Davis, had hacked her computer in some way and manipulated her accounts.

She felt he was writing veiled insults about her colleagues on Twitter, and began writing him messages, leaving him voicemails and turning up outside his home. She stalked his mother, and forced him to move house.

Over the course of five years, the situation unraveled, and she was suspended in the fall of 2021, KQED report.'

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