Reason Aussie men are quitting therapy in droves

Article here. Excerpt:

'After centuries of toxic masculinity and the notion that manliness means boys can’t cry and grown men don’t talk about their feelings, a therapist’s client list has taken a giant gendered swing.

“I definitely think, especially since Covid, that there’s been a lot more messaging around mental health, getting support and that it’s OK not to be OK, and that’s definitely driven an increase in men going to therapy,” Stella Ladikos, therapist and founder of Meraki Mental Health Training, told

“In my own private practice I’ve been seeing a lot more guys come to therapy and at the moment most of my regular clients are actually men, which is really, really promising to see.”'

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Therapists using phrases like "toxic masculinity" in sessions. Just an idea.

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Just another social worker femsplaining why men quitting therapy is due to problems with men. The article provides no evidence, just the anecdotal account of one man who states that changing who he is, has made his life better? Isn't that called simping?

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