A Review of 'Men Who Hate Women'

Article here. Excerpt:

'We live in a world where it’s okay for men to be violent toward women—whether they be his girlfriend, wife, friend, or simply a stranger—because not all men are like that and not all men hate women. But if we as women talk about patriarchy, masculinity, or male privilege then we’re immediately counterattacked by those who believe that any conversations about masculinity are an immediate attack on men themselves.

Laura Bates said it best herself, writing, “Those who speak of “toxic masculinity” are not criticizing men but rather defending them: describing an ideology and a system that pressures boys and men in our societies, in our families, to conform to unrealistic, unhealthy, and unsustainable ideals.”

The core subject of this book is “The Manosphere.” This is a vile group of men who get together (mainly on the internet) and systematically hate women and feminism. They seemingly enjoy sending women threats/death threats whenever something doesn’t go their particular way, or, woe betide, a woman receives some recognition for something positive that they did in this world. She does a great job of describing the online radicalization process of vulnerable young boys and men in these sexist and violent spaces.'

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