All-female Israeli ‘lionesses’ squad of 13 kill 100 Hamas terrorists in 14-hr gunfight to save base and families

Article here. Someone please explain again why women aren't subject to Selective Service registration here in the US? Seems when women *are* sent into combat, they always out-do their male comrades. So if they're so much better at making war than men, why aren't THEY also subject to the draft? Excerpt:

'AN ALL-FEMALE Israel defence squad of just 13 killed nearly 100 Hamas terrorists in a 14-hour gunfight in the southern Gaza Strip.

Israel's Caracal Battalion led the fight against a terror attack on an army base and helped liberate a kibbutz during the onslaught of October 7.

Commander Lieutenant Colonel Or Ben-Yehuda told her unit to "stay alert" as they headed to the southern Israeli kibbutz of Sufa following reports of infiltration by heavily-armed terrorists.

She said to her 12 troops: "We are going out to eliminate terrorists. Infiltration into Israel is happening, and it's spreading.

"Stay alert. We might cross paths. We are a strong squad."

They arrived at the military base to find Hamas had raided the post and taken more than 50 Israeli military personnel hostage.'

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