Raising boys to be good men. Here’s one way to do it

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men are not born stoic or emotionally isolated. They are created through different peer groups, societal expectations and ideals of traditional masculinity that value hiding vulnerability over showing empathy.

This is not a genetic trait, but a learned behavior. So how do we teach our sons to grow and become more fulfilled men? How do we bring the best out in our boys, so they become the best of men?

This is the question that Dr. Shelly Flais answers in her new book, “Nurturing Boys To Be Better Men: Gender Equality Starts at Home,” which will be released on October 24. As a pediatrician and mother of three boys, she knows a lot about raising sons.

“I’m all about doing little things early that then make huge impacts down the line,” Flais said. “I look at my sons and as they grow, (I ask) what kind of future do I want for them? We’ve come a long way (in how we raise boys), but we still have so much further to go.”'

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