Ranbir Kapoor breaks silence on being labelled ‘red flag’ after Alia Bhatt’s lipstick remark: ‘I am on the side of people fighting toxic masculinity’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Actor Ranbir Kapoor found himself at the centre of debates after his actor-wife Alia Bhatt revealed that he asked her to wipe off her lipstick as he likes her without it. Several people on social media even labelled him as a ‘red flag’ for dictating terms to his wife. Until recently, Ranbir and Alia refrained from addressing the controversy. But now, while interacting with his fans, Ranbir spoke on the matter. He said he doesn’t mind the negativity if it helps people fighting against toxic masculinity.

“Recently, I was reading an article about being toxic and something relating to some statement I made, and I understand. Listen, I am on your side. Whatever you are fighting against this toxic masculinity, I am on the side of people who are fighting for it. So, if they want to use me as a face, I am fine because their fight is bigger than just me feeling bad about them having an opinion on what I said,” Ranbir said. He added that he looks at a larger picture and doesn’t feel bad for himself as he believes he has “lots to feel grateful about”.'

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