Professor apologizes for ‘rape’ ‘scenario’ assignment

Article here. Excerpt:

'Says she wanted ‘to bring rape culture and the pervasiveness of victim blaming and shaming to the class so we could have a constructive dialogue’

A University of Pittsburgh criminal justice professor has apologized for an assignment that asked students to create a “fact scenario” for an “encounter” that ends up with a man raping a woman.

“I wanted to sincerely apologize that this assignment was unsettling to some students in our class; I have used this assignment previously and it led to engaged, interactive discussion and learnings by previous students,” Professor Denise Turner wrote in an email obtained by The College Fix.
Peyton Gualtieri was the first student to expose the assignment on social media. Her video, as of Oct. 10, has 1.2 million views on TikTok.

Gualtieri told The Fix via email why she believes the assignment is morally wrong.

She said her professor “specifically assumes females are the only victims of sexual assault.”

“In terms of the last question she asked about suggesting 2 ways men should be taught not to rape — this is explicitly a morality situation which needs to be discussed and talked about by families. you learn this growing up – it is right from wrong…. this is like asking a [murderer] not to murder,” Gualtieri said.'

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