University continues female-only awards despite signing legal agreement to include all genders

Article here. Excerpt:

'Northwood University, which has run a female-only award program since 1970, appears to be ignoring a legal agreement it signed in January to open the program to all eligible individuals regardless of sex.

Civil rights watchdog Mark J. Perry told The College Fix via email that Northwood openly defied the legal agreement with its Sept. 13 announcement of the five latest female recipients of the Distinguished Women Awards.

He added the university, a private Michigan-based institution, even expanded the awards by introducing the new Distinguished Young Women category.

Perry*, in a recent interview with The College Fix, called the situation an “unprecedented case of the president of a school signing a legally binding agreement with [the Office for Civil Rights], and then basically defying that agreement and carrying on with ‘discrimination as usual.’”
Perry is a retired University of Michigan Flint professor who has filed 870 federal civil rights complaints against American universities to ensure they evenly enforce Title IX and Title VI.

Perry lodged a complaint with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights on July 1, 2022, alleging violations of Title IX by Northwood in its female-only Distinguished Women Awards and female-only Women in Enterprise Scholarship.'

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