Kering’s Creative Directors Are Now All White Men—Sparking Criticism From Some Industry Insiders

Article here. Excerpt:

'Days after the longtime Alexander McQueen creative director Sarah Burton showed her last collection at Paris Fashion Week, the fashion house announced Irish designer Seán McGirr as her successor, with some industry professionals noting all creative directors under fashion conglomerate Kering are now all white men.

Industry insiders were quick to point out that Burton’s departure diminished the diversity of Kering’s fashion house leaders. Chloe Kennefy, who runs the blog Articles of Clothing, tweeted that Kering joins fashion companies Puig and Richemont, which owns Van Cleef, Cartier and Montblanc, as having no female creative directors. Several Instagram accounts and Sunday Times bestselling author Lorraine Candy shared a post and discussion by fashion blog 1 Granary, which posted a photo collage of all six white male creative directors and Twitter users joined in on the discussion, lamenting a seeming lack of interest in work by women and designers of color. Freya Drohan, fashion director for blog Daily Front Row, said she agrees with the discourse around the lack of diversity but is also happy to see the job go to a "young, unknown Irish designer."'

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