Media Smeared Trevor Bauer. And Now Has Little To Say

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ken Rosenthal is among the most influential baseball writers in the industry. He now writes for The Athletic. Each organization reads what it has to say. And his stance on the matter was clear: Bauer should be out of the league over the unproven allegations.

“Dodgers’ decision to cut ties with Trevor Bauer shouldn’t have been difficult at all,” Rosenthal headlined a column last January criticizing the team for not releasing Bauer sooner.

What did Rosenthal write this week after Bauer publicized the accuser’s damning text messages?

Nothing. He didn’t write anything.

About the same can be said about ESPN. Its article Monday referenced Bauer’s video but excluded the part where Hill acknowledged her plan to make Bauer her “next victim.”

Elsewhere, Sarah Spain sent out several tweets calling for Bauer to be suspended in 2021.

“Looking at the case’s details, the extensive police report and graphic photos, there’s more than enough reason Bauer shouldn’t be on the mound Sunday,” posted Spain.

Spain has yet to find the time to comment on the text messages. And given her decreased airtime at ESPN, we know it’s not because of a lack of free time.

She and Rosenthal are just a few of many who vocalized their disgust over the allegations but not the facts.'

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